Duncan Harding - Client Testimonials


Callum Ross (Head Physio at London Irish)

"Duncan has been part of the recovery soft tissue team here at London Irish for the 2017-18 season. He has been an invaluable member, always willing to give up his own time to come in and work with our athletes. Since he has been with us he has grown as a therapist and the feedback from the athletes is better every time he comes in."

Phil Hill

"Having recently completed a 24 hour running race where we each ran 40 miles in 5 mile laps at a very hard pace, my left calf was very sore. It was extremely tight and uncomfortable to walk on. Duncan assessed my calf for any serious damage but once he knew it was just very tight he treated it with deep tissue massage. I'm pleased to say that even after that afternoon it felt a lot better and the following day I was back running. He did a great job!"

Charlotte Hewitt

"​Duncan is a great masseur and has really helped with my neck pain after being in a car accident. The pain was awful in the first few weeks however after seeing Duncan the pain has decreased drastically. He offers a great service and is very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone."

Virginia Routledge

"Duncan has a great touch. After a cycling accident Duncan was able to relieve, through massage, pain in a shoulder which I thought would have me incapacitated for weeks. He has a great ability to work with just the right degree of firmness, having taken care to understand the injury".

Joel Hersey

"Went to see Duncan about a shoulder injury I got and he was able to identify the problem and apply his expertise in getting it more movement and feeling better. A very friendly atmosphere would definitely recoemend."

Christian Kraxner

"Ducan is excellent in his field and my go-to person when repair is needed after intensive training session."

Kevin Taylor

"I've had a couple of sports massages from Duncan after some big cycling events which was great. He knows his stuff and have recommended him to a couple of friends in similar positions to me. Top job!"

Gav Ryan

"I had real pain with my lower back and Duncan really helped. He also gave me lots of tips for good posture and exercises to assist the area where there was pain. Thanks so much."

Lucy Higgs

I have a weak right knee which is always giving me concern. After one session I could feel the benefits and the next day more improvement was felt. I will be booking a sports massage every couple of months to prevent a build -up of inflammation.


Alex Hammond

"Since I first started training with Duncan, I've noticed a huge improvement in my stamina and overall fitness. Duncan introduces new exercises in every session which pushes me harder and adds a variety keeping the sessions engaging. He gives me tips on exercises and has given me great advice on how to improve my diet."

Leigh Holbrow

"Duncan is a very good fitness coach. He is always upfont and shows great patience. He was very good at identifying my training needs and has shown me a number of very helpful techniques. He gave me simple exercises to improve both my cardio fitness and my core strength which I enjoyed doing and could see gradual improvement."

Douglas Bennet-Hewett

"12 weeks with Duncan at 56 I was putting on weight and feeling rather depressed then a friend gave me a leaflet for Duncan Harding fitness and personal training. After a call and a chat I decided to meet Duncan to explain what I wanted.The training started the next day and I was very impressed with how much I could actually do with the coaching from Duncan.

Here we are 12 weeks on and OMG I actually look forward to my sessions and I never thought I’d say that. I've lost 21 lbs and gone down two sizes in my trousers.Duncan is patient.supportive.and I have now recommended him to several of my friends. The best trainer I’ve ever had and I feel amazing.if you want to get in shape and fit then this is the guy to help and support you on this journey.

I can’t thank my friend enough for bringing me his leaflet 12 weeks ago. Duncan your are amazing and I’m proud to have you as my PT."

Paul Biddle

"Both Nicky & I feel the benefits from weekly PT sessions with Duncan - it is helping posture & feeling more supple. He judges what level is appropriate to each of us - it may be coincidence but my golf swing appears to have improved!"

Ben Chaudoir

"After at least 10 years of neglecting my fitness and ballooning in weight I started training with Duncan around 18 months ago. I feel great and have achieved noticeable results; I’m now fitter and stronger than I was in my 20’s.

Duncan isn’t one of those shouty sergeant major types, this wouldn’t have worked for me, especially as someone who always felt intimated by the gym. However through well-paced, always different and challenging sessions he’s ensured that I’ve created an exercise habit that I enjoy!

He is flexible, working his schedule around mine, professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely nice guy. I would definitely recommend Duncan, for getting into shape, losing weight or generally keeping on top of your fitness."

David and Neil

"We have had twice weekly PT sessions with Duncan for about 2 years. We’re both in our 60s and Duncan has tailored a programme involving stretching, cardio, weights and balance which keeps us fit and healthy. We are very happy to recommend him to others!"

Lizzie Sturt

" I struggle with exercise, however understand the huge benefits of it, especially after turning 40. Duncan's professionalism and calm attitude engaged me. He taught me key exercises and approaches that I have been able to take away and practice independently. He helped me tone and loose weight, whilst not aching for days on end. I highly recommend him".

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